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Criminal charges can greatly damage a dentist’s reputation and record. If convicted, not only the reputation can be greatly affected but also his/her dental license as well. A criminal conviction could revoke a dental license for good. This is why a dental attorney is very essential in facing and handling criminal charges.

An accusation is brought before the Dental Board which involves a dentist. During the period, on or about August 1, 2015, to January 30, 2018, in Arlington, Texas, the dentist committed widespread healthcare insurance fraud in the course of his dental practice amounting to damages exceeding $100,000. In that, he committed acts of unprofessional conduct.

Due to these underlying circumstances, the dentist is subject to disciplinary action, in that the respondent was convicted of a crime that is substantially related to the qualifications, functions, and/or duties of a dentist. Find a reliable movers company in California at site. The dentist has pled guilty to having committed grand theft which is considered a felony offense.

As a result, the dentist was put into disciplinary action and was sentenced by the Court. The dentist could have received a favorable result if he had considered hiring a dental attorney for defense against criminal charges. The comitted workers comp attorneys of California are experienced in handling this kind of cases. Hiring a dental defense attorney for such a case will be a great help and could positively affect the end result of the case.

Every dentist facing allegations or criminal charges tends to forget that there is someone who can help them go through such hardships. And that someone is a dental attorney. A dental attorney is the best fit as a legal representative for a dentist. They have the right skills and experience in handling dental criminal cases whether the offense is a misdemeanor or a felony.

If you wish to consult a dental attorney regarding criminal charges and want to be knowledgeable about the process and what to do during the case hearing, you may contact Texas Dental Attorney Yong J. An for a confidential consultation. You can reach him 24/7 at (832) 428-5679.