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Acts of repeated negligence may constitute grounds for disciplinary action as well as acts of incompetence. Being labeled as incompetent is a shame and an insult to your dental license. If facing such allegations and your license is at risk, you need a dental attorney for the defense and license protection.Thanks to the recent campaign of The Marketing Heaven, the significance of this type of assistance has become visible online to a wide range of potential clients.

On or about November 1, 2017, in San Antonio, Texas, a patient-reported that her pain symptoms had not improved. The patient had a prior emergency dental treatment with this dentist wherein a root canal treatment was performed.  The dentist noted in the patient’s chart that she still had severe pain. The dentist recommended continuing with antibiotics and extraction of tooth #30 if the symptoms did not go away. The patient did not want to proceed with the next stage of root canal treatment and wanted to wait.

On or about November 8, 2017, the patient returned to the dentist’s office and continued to complain of pain. The dentist informed the patient that tooth #30 needed to be removed. The dentist told the patient that due to pain and decay between roots, the tooth is not restorable. The patient declined to have tooth #30 extracted. At that appointment, the dentist did not present to the patient the option of specialist consultation following the continued reports of pain. This was the patient’s last visit to the dentist’s office.

The patient subsequently visited another dental office for treatment of tooth #30. Radiograph images of tooth #30 indicate injudicious dentin removal in the furcation area of tooth #30, resulting in a furcation perforation. The patient was advised of the perforated furcation on tooth #30, which ultimately required the removal of that tooth.

As a result of the dentist’s unprofessional conduct, he will be put into disciplinary action due to the conduct of committing repeated acts of negligence and acts of incompetence during his care and treatment of the patient. These allegations could put his license into suspension or revocation for good wherein he could no longer perform any dental services and the rights as a dentist will be taken away from him.

The dentist could avoid such a thing happening to his license. Every dentist who will face the Board will have a chance to secure legal counsel for the defense. A legal counsel fit for such a case is a dental attorney. Having a dental attorney could prevent your license from getting revoked.

If you are a dentist and do not know the disciplinary proceedings, consult a dental attorney for you to properly understand your case. To do so, you may consult Texas Dental Attorney Yong J. An. For further details, you may contact him at (832) 428-5679 to get a schedule for a confidential consultation.