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Facing a complaint case filed by a patient is a big struggle especially if you don‘t know how to handle and face such a situation. It is when a dental attorney can help. Having someone who is an expert in dealing with dental cases can make the end result be in favor of any dentist. But it will be your failure if you ignore the chance that a dental attorney can help you win your case.

On December 16, 2015, a patient went to a dentist in Plano, Texas, for the treatment on her tooth #3. But after the visit, the patient is having concerns about the quality of dentistry performed by the dentist. Then on or about

December 21, 2015, the patient opted to visit another dentist, to have corrective treatment performed on tooth #3. The records indicate that the dental work performed by the dentist was deficient in its marginal integrity, especially with regard to the buccal tooth margins. It was also discovered that underneath the cerec onlay, significant occiusal and mesial decay had been left behind and was not properly removed prior to the placement of the cerec onlay. The unremoved carious material may explain the reason for the restoration failing so soon after its placement. The second dentist restored the patient’s tooth #3 by removing the decay and placing a new cerec onlay at an additional cost of $2,280.

In or around December 2015, the patient called the dentist and requested that the dentist must issue her reimbursement for the $3,150 unused credit since the patient had not, and did not intend to have, any further dental work performed by the dentist. The dentist agreed to reimburse the patient the full $3,150 and stated that she would do so in early 2016 due to tax reasons. However, the dentist failed to reimburse the patient. Between December 2015 and January 2018, the patient made several attempts to contact the dentist to obtain reimbursement for the $3,150 unused credit. To date, the dentist has not reimbursed the patient any money.

The dentist was found out that she does not have a permit for the name of her dental office and that she is not certified and is not a licensed Naturopathic Physician.

All of the dentist’s actions were grounds for unprofessional conduct that made the dentist liable. As a result, the dentist is subject to disciplinary action by the Board in that the dentist committed various violations that are against the laws and issuances in the medical field and in dentistry. She also failed to hire a dental attorney for defense against the filed case.

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