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Patient abandonment can be considered dental malpractice; it is also applicable in any medical field. A dentist can be held liable for malpractice if it is proven that the dentist to the patient relationship was stopped or terminated without giving the patient adequate notice or give the patient time to look for another dentist to continue the treatment. Such conduct is never allowed or tolerated in dental practice. If you, a dentist, have done such conduct, you must be ready to face the Board prepared. Being prepared means having the right legal counsel to represent you in court during case hearings; this legal counsel is a dental attorney.

A dentist in Odessa, Texas has committed such conduct. It was on or about early 2020, the dentist was providing twice-monthly orthodontic treatment to a patient. The patient had paid in advance for this treatment. Although the treatment was incomplete, after February 2020, the dentist abruptly closed his practice and has failed to respond to numerous attempts of the patient to schedule additional appointments to complete the course of treatment.

The dentist’s unprofessional conduct has put him into disciplinary action by the Board of Dental due to the reason of abandoning his patient without giving adequate notice. The dentist was also found to have done improper procedures upon the closure of the practice. The additional consequence was put against the dentist for such actions done.

A dental attorney could have been the dentist’s legal counsel during the case if he only hired one. Having a dental attorney could have yielded a favorable result. The best fit for such cases or issues is dental attorneys whose skills in handling such cases were acquired through years of experience. They are deemed capable and reliable for defense.

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