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Dentists are expected to do their responsibilities with prudence. But some dentists do not meet the standard care they give to patients in which would result negatively. Patient complaints and filed charges will follow. A dentist who violates state laws will be facing the Board and will undergo hearings. But before facing the Board or the court, you must secure a dental attorney with you, who can help you with your case.

On or about June 12, 2020, in Mission, Texas the Board received a complaint on behalf of the patient. The complaint alleged that the patient suffered a dislocated jaw resulting from a sexual assault. The patient went to the dentist’s office seeking treatment for her dislocated jaw and other issues. The Board conducted an investigation of the complaint.

On or about February 5, 2017, the patient was sexually assaulted by her boyfriend where she suffered a dislocated jaw. This past history of trauma was reported to the dentist. In or around May 2019, the patient first presented to the dentist where the dentist conducted an examination and prescribed her a daytime and nighttime mouth guard (appliances). The patient underwent a complete exam and consultation, with multiple cone beam CT scans of the maxillofacial region, though the dentist did not record any findings from CT imaging performed. The appliances were intended to re-position the patient’s jaw and she paid the dentist approximately $5,000 for said appliances. Although the dentist performed an examination, he did not take a thorough history of the patient’s complaints nor did he replicate the chief complaint or record what was responsible for her chief complaint.

The two appliances quickly started to cause the patient extreme pain and discomfort, resulting in her visiting the emergency room on at least two occasions. The patient again presented to the dentist regarding her pain and discomfort. The dentist stated to her that the pain was part of the treatment. The patient also complained to the dentist of her now difficulty walking. The dentist then referred the patient to a chiropractor but said the chiropractor was unable to help the patient.

The patient then sought out another chiropractor to seek treatment for her intense pain and difficulty with walking. On or about June 10, 2019, the patient again presented to the dentist and advised she was now having difficulty breathing. The patient was unable to walk and arrived in a wheelchair. The dentist placed a plastic nasal mute in the patient’s nose but she continued to have difficulty breathing.

Ultimately, the patient presented to a subsequent provider, who performed an examination of her and advised that the appliances provided by the dentist moved her jaw too far forward. The subsequent provider provided the patient with replacement appliances, which made an immediate improvement to her condition.

The patient presented to the dentist approximately seven times yet the dentist, at times, failed to record an assessment, failed to record a plan, and failed to address the psychosocial component of the patient’s pain complaints.

The above incidents resulted in the dentist’s discipline. He committed acts of incompetence such as that the dentist failed to attempt to document any replication of the patient’s pain complaint; failed to interpret and report the finding of a CT image or send the data to an outside source for interpretation; and failed to begin treatment with a more conservative careful approach to the management of symptoms.

Included in the discipline for the dentist is that the dentist’s conduct constitutes a repeated departure from the standard of practice in the community.

A worse thing than being disciplined by the Board is that your license will be also be disciplined or will be revoked. If having a hard time dealing with these cases, you can contact a dental attorney. Dental Attorney Yong J. An has a lot of experience and is very reliable when it comes to with dealing any dental cases. You can reach Dental Attorney Yong 24/7 at (832) 428-5679.