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A dentist facing complaints and accusation cases tend to get their dental license to be placed in suspension or revocation for the reason that they didn’t have a dental attorney around during the case hearing. Dentists should make it be important to have a dental attorney for defense when having to face such trouble.

On or about January 2, 2019, the Board received a consumer complaint on behalf of his granddaughter, who is 37 years old and is a patient of a dentist in Lubbock, Texas. The complaint stated that the patient visited the dentist’s dental office for extensive dental work. The patient financed the dental treatment through Lending Club, and $7,000.00 was credited directly to the dentist upfront. The dentist’s name appeared on the patient’s Explanation of Benefits from her insurance company.

In 2018, the patient started her treatment for a bridge. According to the dental records, the patient saw the dentist for treatment. The bridge did not fit correctly, and the work was not completed. The dentist said they would provide the patient with a refund. She called the office, but could not reach anyone. She went to the office and saw a note on the door that said the office was closed. The patient could not afford to visit another dentist for her treatment. She was not notified that the office was closing, and requested a refund of her advance payment and cancellation of her loan.

The Board’s investigator contacted the dentist. The dentist provided incomplete records for the patient, including forms involving treatment consent, benefits and alternative treatment options, the patient’s financial obligations and insurance coverage, and records of proper post-operative phone calls or follow-ups with the patient.

In response to the incident, the dentist was subject to disciplinary action. It is the Board’s decision to discipline the dentist after the investigation done by the Board. It is that the dentist was found guilty and is about to receive further discipline. This happens because the dentist had failed to hire a dental attorney.

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