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Ensuring a patient’s well-being is one of the dentist’s responsibilities.  Having to deal with complaints regarding negligence is very troublesome especially when you don’t hire a dental attorney to help you with the complaints. Such complaints can ruin your career and loss your dental license.

On or about October 3, 2016, a dentist in Irving, Texas performed a new patient evaluation on the patient. The dentist told the patient that he would provide upper and lower dentures, including four implants for $10.000.00. The patient agreed and paid that amount. Shortly thereafter, the dentist informed the patient that the $10,000.00 would only cover the installation of the lower dentures.

On or about January 31, 2017, the dentist placed four implants in the patient’s mouth. The dentist failed to make and keep adequate records regarding the diagnosis and treatment of the patient, as follows:

  • The dentist’s records failed to specify what procedures were to be performed, and were performed, on the patient including, but not limited to, documentation of blood pressure, pre medication, type and amount of anesthetic used, location of the injection site, identifying features of the implants placed, the patient’s condition at the conclusion of the procedure and documentation of post-operative instructions and medications prescribed.
  • The dentist failed to have patient sign a detailed treatment plan specifying procedures to be performed, costs and payment method.
  • The dentist failed to have patient sign an informed consent form for the implant and surgery.
  • The dentist’s records failed to specify adequate detail regarding subsequent removal of sutures and adjustments to patient’s dentures.

The dentist’s treatment of the patient failed to comply with the standard of care as follows:

  • The dentist failed to diagnose and treat a mucogingival problem on the patient’s lower implant and failed to treat a localized infection around the implant.
  • The dentist failed to present the patient with a choice of treatment options.
  • The dentist failed to adequately install dentures with respect to retention and stability.
  • The dentist failed to recognize and provide correct vertical dimension and free-way space, resulting in the dentures touching prematurely, resulting in jaw discomfort.
  • The dentist failed to create a correct bite relationship, with the result that the upper and lower dentures did not interdigitate correctly and are in an occlusal slide.

The above incidents put the dentist in a situation where he is subject to disciplinary action by the Board in that he acted with incompetence, gross negligence, and repeated acts of negligence, and above all, he acted unprofessionally. The dentist even failed to hire a dental attorney to help him face the problem. A dentist should never hesitate to ask for help and hire a dental attorney. The assistance of a good dental attorney could make the case better in your favor. Be sure to find a dental attorney who’s experienced and is knowledgeable in several cases.

If you’re a dentist and received a complaint, you should hire a dental attorney immediately before it’s too late. Texas dental attorney Yong J. An is one of those dedicated dental lawyers who helped various dentists in their cases since 2006. You may contact him 24/7 at (832) 428-5679 for more information or if you want to schedule a private consultation.