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Any form of negligence can really cause the dentist’s misfortune. Patient complaints and accusations are stronger than you think. If the Board receives complaints, they can initiate an investigation. If the end result of the investigation finds you guilty, you will then be subjected to disciplinary action and there will be further punishment. You need not worry if you hire a dental attorney right on time.

On or about January 28, 2019, the Board received a complaint from a patient who is 79 years old. The complaint stated that the patient was a patient at the dental office of the dentist in Harlingen, Texas who is involved in such a mess. The patient stated that she paid $2,000.00 in advance for partial dentures. She was a patient since October 2014.

In approximately May 2018 and July 2018, the dentist took impressions for upper and lower partial dentures. The patient also stated that the dentist lost the impressions twice after both appointments. Records indicate that the patient’s last appointment was in September 2018 for periodic maintenance. She spoke with the office staff several times about the partials and last communicated with the office manager in October 2018. The patient did not receive any notification that the office was closing. She had a partial made at another dentist’s office, which cost approximately $429.50. The patient requested a refund of the $2,000.00 that she paid in advance for the partials that she did not receive.

The Board’s investigator contacted the dentist. The dentist provided partial records of the patient.  The provided records did not include informed consent forms, financial and billing records, and all records for the patient.

The above incidents became the cause of the dentist’s discipline. The dentist’s unprofessional conduct includes being negligent in the care and treatment of the patient, negligent when he failed to maintain a complete and accurate patient record, negligent when he failed to notify the patient regarding the office closure, and failed to refer her to another provider and lastly, being negligent in his reluctance to fully cooperate with and provide all records to the Board.

This could have been solved in the dentist’s favor if only the dentist did not fail to hire a dental attorney for the case. This is why it’s best to seek the assistance of a good dental attorney as it could make the case better in your favor. Be sure to find a dental attorney who’s experienced and knowledgeable in several cases to ensure the best assistance possible.

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