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Most dentists missed their chances to get their license saved from revocation just because they weren’t able hiring a dental attorney to defend them. Unfortunately, a dentist from Houston, Texas happens to be one of them.

On or about June 3, 2014, a patient went to a dentist for treatment of an existing fistula” and infection in the area of her tooth #3. For four months, the dentist treated the patient with ozone injections and antibiotics. After the ozone and antibiotics failed to alleviate the problem, on or about October 22, 2014, the dentist performed a root canal on the patient’s tooth #3.

On or about November 13, 2014, after the root canal was unsuccessful, the dentist performed an extraction on the patient’s tooth #3. During the extraction procedure, there was extensive bleeding that the dentist had trouble controlling. The dentist did not have the required equipment or supplies to control the bleeding and had to ask her assistant to retrieve additional supplies. The patient’s infection continued to worsen after the extraction and made repeated visits to the dentist to treat the infection.

On or about February 15, 2015, the patient awoke to find a large wad of cotton in her mouth at the extraction site. The patient contacted the dentist about the cotton, and the dentist told the patient that the cotton was a cotton pellet intentionally left in the extraction site after the extraction. On or about February 16, 2015, the dentist removed two cotton pellets from the extraction site.

The patient had seen the dentist approximately 13 times between the time of the extraction procedure and when the dentist removed the cotton pellets, and the dentist had failed to remove the cotton pellets during any of those visits. After removing the cotton pellets, the dentist continued to treat the patient with ozone.

On or about March 4, 2016, the patient had a consultation with an oral surgeon. The patient underwent oral surgery to complete the following items: extraction of tooth #2, cleaning of the infection in her sinus cavity, repair of the fistula, cleaning of the infection from her palate, bone graft, and removal of the remaining roots left from the extraction of tooth #3.

The patient contacted the dentist for a refund of the payments the patient had made to the dentist for the patient’s treatment and for the cost of the surgery by the oral surgeon, but the dentist refused.

Because of the patient’s complaint and enough evidence which proved the errors of her actions, the dentist’s Dental License be subjected to disciplinary action in that she was engaged in repeated acts of gross negligence in her treatment of the patient. The decision of the Board of Dental was based upon the dentist’s actions and unprofessional conduct. Additionally, she failed hiring a dental attorney for assistance, which can cause her to lose her license.

Losing your license can compromise your career. However, hiring a dental attorney can greatly help you in major cases such as this. For assistance regarding your license case, it’s best to contact Dental  Attorney Yong J. An by contacting him at (832) 428-5679.