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Doing a job in a righteous way should also come with honesty. And having a good system in giving dental services constitutes the best and proper care to patients. Dentists are sought to give patients the best care when they are undergoing treatment, a kind of care that patients will go home without nothing to worry about their oral health. That is what a patient should experience after a visit to a dentist but what if it’s the opposite experience? Well, a dentist will face a never-good deal about it. A dentist will be facing patient complaints, charges, or any cases. But dentists still have their rights and one of their rights is the right of an attorney but the best fit for dental cases is a dental attorney. A dental attorney is the one a dentist can rely on when facing cases.

A certain dentist in Garland, Texas, was disciplined by the Dental Board for the reason of incompetence and excessive treatment without the help of an attorney. It was on June 13, 2006, a patient came to the dentist’s office for consultation regarding orthodontic treatment. The patient was interested in the treatment.  The dentist advised the patient that the treatment could be completed in 1.5-2 years and that the treatment would cost between $3,000 to $4,000.


Soon after the treatment, the patient returned to the dentist’s office five (5) times due to failure of the brackets. The patient was then referred to another dental professional for the extraction of the bicuspids. When the time the patient was undergoing another treatment to the referred dentist, the dentist failed to communicate with the referred dentist, for the patient’s progress records. The dentist failed to correctly diagnose the patient on his first visit and also failed to treat the patient’s root absorption.

The dentist engaged in incompetence in that the original diagnosis was incorrect and the treatment plan was excessive. As a result, after 49 months of treatment, the patient’s occlusion, esthetics, and general health worsen. And that the dentist failed to supervise the treatment of the patient, which constitutes incompetence. This negligence and incompetence of the dentist became the grounds of his disciplinary action.

By the time the dentist was summoned by the Board, he failed to hire a dental attorney which resulted in the decision of the Board. The decision of the Board could have resulted differently if the dentist hires help from an expert.

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