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All medical practitioners are expected to act accordingly especially, a dentist. Patients are giving their trust and faith in dentists that they will be given the care needed about their oral health. A dentist who is convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol could lose his/her dental license. It may also bring harm to his patients if a dentist is driving while drunk going to an appointment. If such circumstances happen, hiring a dental license attorney is such a great help and is best for defense when facing the Board.

On or about May 8, 2013, the dentist in Corpus Christi, Texas was convicted of a violation, when the dentist was caught driving while intoxicated with a 0.08% or higher blood alcohol. The circumstances of the May 8, 2013 conviction are that on or about February 2, 2013, the dentist was arrested after being observed to be driving a vehicle on the right shoulder multiple times. The dentist yielded to a traffic enforcement stop where he was observed to be under the influence of alcohol. Preliminary breath screen tests showed results of .132% and .133%, the dentist was also found to be in possession of prescription bottles for others containing Phentermine that the dentist stated he had prescribed himself. He was subsequently arrested for Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of a Narcotic Drug, Driving Under the Influence of, Driving Under the Influence with a BAC of .08% or Greater, Falsely Prescribing Medication.

And on or about December 8, 2014, the dentist pled guilty to a violation of DUI with a BAC of 0.08% or higher. As a result of the conviction, the dentist’s dental license was subject to disciplinary action. He was also sentenced to five years formal probation, jail time and is required to comply with the terms and orders.

Such unprofessional conduct could lead to a terrifying consequence of losing a dental license. Every dentist worked hard to gain their dental license and should also work hard to keep it by abiding by the state laws and issuances of the Texas Dental Board. In order for the dentist to protect their dental license, hiring a dental license attorney is very important. It is also in every dentist’s right for a legal counselor or a representative when dealing with and facing the Board.

If you are less knowledgeable about how to protect your license and how to deal with cases, you may contact Texas Dental License Attorney, Yong J. An. You can reach him 24/7 at (832) 428-5679. His expertise was based on his numerous years of experience as a dental attorney in handling and dealing with client’s cases. Never hesitate to do the right thing in protecting your dental license.