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Being a dentist, there are rules and laws to abide by to ensure order in the field of dentistry. A dentist is one who takes care and maintains our oral health. They diagnose, treat oral diseases, and correct deformities of the jaws and teeth. But if a dentist will be the one to cause harm to your oral health, a corresponding punishment will be given to the dentist.  The dentist will face charges and be subjected to disciplinary action by the Dental Board. Such kind of case can be defended by a dental attorney.  All legal matters can be handled by a dental attorney.

A dentist in College Station, Texas, had operated a general dentist practice under a fictitious business name offering dental services. The dentist operated the business a professional corporation between February 15, 1991, and December 20, 2018, when the dentist dissolved the corporation. The fictitious business name was registered to the corporation; not the dentist individually. Since dissolving the corporation, the dentist has operated the business as a sole proprietor. The dentist never obtained a permit from the Board to operate his practice using a fictitious business name either as the corporation or a sole proprietor.

Under the fictitious business, he had. He performs oral surgeries, implants, and any other dental services on patients. Most of his implants failed and had caused an infection to one of the patient wherein the patient’s face was swollen and other irritations from the antibiotics administered to the patient. Later on, the patient was admitted due to the infection.

The patient sued the dentist for malpractice. This becomes the dentist’s worst nightmare.  His unprofessional conduct puts him in disciplinary action and was sanctioned by the Board. The following reasons for the sanction were unlawful use of a fictitious business name for his practice without permit, harassing the patient for requesting her medical records and threatening the patient.

Every violation committed by the dentist has its corresponding consequence especially; his dental license could be revoked. The dentist could have asked a dental attorney for help against the charges filed by the patient but failed to do so, which resulted to the unfavorable decision of the Board.

In any legal issues both criminal and civil, a dental attorney is responsible for providing legal advice and counsel and analyzing laws in order to help their clients in dealing and facing their cases. But if you are having a difficult case, you can hire an experienced dental attorney. A profound dental attorney in Texas could be the one you are looking for. Dental Attorney Yong J. An has the expertise and years of experience in handling many dental cases If you wish to have a legal advice or a consultation, you may contact him 24/7 at (832) 428-5679.