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Committing a felony offense is such a bad idea and has a negative impact especially when you are a licensed professional such as a licensed dentist. This could harm your reputation and your record as a good dentist. If convicted of such a crime, a dentist’s license may be put in disciplinary action. The worst scenario to happen is when your license will be suspended or revoked due to such a violation. In case of such trouble, a dental attorney can be your defense and protection against license revocation.

The violation happened on or about December 19, 2018, a dentist in Conroe, Texas was convicted of a crime substantially related to the qualifications, functions, and duties of a dentist which evidences his present or potential unfitness to perform the functions authorized by his license in a manner consistent with the public health, safety, or welfare. It is a felony offense of insurance fraud, in the criminal proceeding; the court ordered the dentist to pay $16,238.20 in restitution to the victim and placed him on 3 years’ probation with terms and conditions. The circumstances surrounding the conviction are that on or between May 7, 2009, and September 26, 2014, the dentist made and caused to be made a false and fraudulent claim for payment of a health care benefit.

Due to the offense committed by the dentist, he was subject to disciplinary action by the Board in conjunction with the dental laws and regulations. This put the dentist in a very troublesome situation. During the proceedings, the dentist was given a chance for defense with the one who knows how to handle such a case. Unfortunately, the dentist didn’t have a dental attorney to defend him against the allegation. If only the dentist had hired a dental attorney, the result could have been in favor of the dentist.

Never hesitate and always be prepared and have someone to help you when such a scenario happened to you. A dental attorney is such a great help and is the best choice to have when fighting any dental case. If you want to hire a good one, Texas Dental License Attorney Yong J. An is the one.  You may contact or reach him 24/7 at (832) 428-5679.