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Regarding cases and complaints on dental services, a dental attorney is needed when you are about to face hearings before the Board. Being negligent on your responsibility as a consequence and you will be disciplined for it. A certain dentist in Garland, Texas is an example of the case but failed to hire a good dental attorney.

On or about September 28, 2020, an investigation by the Board was initiated following a complaint that the dentist was under the influence of alcohol or drugs while working at her dental office in Garland, Texas. Employees of the dentist advised that the dentist came into the office around 2 p.m. on September 28. 2020, after having previously called to reschedule all of her morning appointments.

Upon arrival, the dentist looked disheveled and was slurring her words. Alarmed by the dentist’s behavior, contact was made with the Sheriff’s office. When the dentist was contacted by law enforcement at approximately 4 p.m., she had slurred speech, appeared unsteady on her feet and had an odor of alcohol on her breath. The dentist admitted to consuming wine at approximately 9 a.m., but declined to submit to a field sobriety test or to a breathalyzer. The dentist was also observed on September 28, 2020, to have inadvertently stuck herself with a needle during administration of an injection to the patient. Instead of obtaining a new unadulterated needle, the dentist continued to administer the injection without replacing the contaminated needle. The dentist failed to inform the patient of the potential for exposure to blood borne infections, which may have occurred due to her use of a contaminated needle.

On or about October 12, 2020, a second investigation was initiated by the Board following a report that the dentist was intoxicated while at work at her dental office. The dentist was observed by a member of her staff driving her vehicle into the office parking lot at approximately 8:55 a.m. Upon arrival, the dentist was extremely friendly. The dentist played with a co-worker’s hair and was rubbing the backs of her staff. Later, while working on a patient, the dentist was observed to have unsteady hands and appeared confused.

The dentist nearly administered Novocain on the wrong side of the patient’s mouth. An employee assisting the dentist called for a break due to concern over the dentist’s condition. Law enforcement was then called due to concerns that the dentist was intoxicated. Responding officers noted that the dentist had objective signs of intoxication and admitted to consuming three (3) glasses of wine at 5:00 a.m. A preliminary alcohol test revealed the dentist’s blood alcohol level to be .25% at11:57 a.m. Based on the objective signs of intoxication, witnesses to the dentist’s driving, and her admission of alcohol consumption, the dentist was placed under arrest for a violation of the Vehicle Code of driving under the influence. The dentist was transported to the County jail where her blood alcohol was determined to be 25″/01.26%.

As a result of the dentist’s conduct, she is subject to disciplinary action in that the dentist engaged in unprofessional conduct and used a contaminated needle on a patient, and was intoxicated while at work. And the dentist failed to follow infection control guidelines by continuing with the injection of the patient with a contaminated needle. The dentist used alcoholic beverages to an extent or in a manner dangerous or injurious to herself and/or others.

The dentist’s conduct has put her in trouble. He even failed to hire a dental attorney for help and for protection as well about his license. The outcome may yield a different result if a dental attorney comes to help with the case.

If you have questions on how to defend your license from allegations placed on you, it’s best to contact a dental attorney who has years’ worth of experience. Dental Attorney Yong J. An will surely assist you once you contact him at (832) 428-5679 for consultation or further inquiries.