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Every dentist who is facing complaints and accusation cases should have a dental attorney for help as well as for license protection. It is in every situation that you must be wise and smart in findings ways to solve your problem and that solution is to hire a dental attorney for any form of case, either criminal or civil cases.

In McAllen, Texas, a dentist was disciplined due to his unprofessional conduct. It was on or about February 18, 2020, the Board received self-reporting information from the dentist. The dentist reported the hospitalization of a patient.  The patient is a seventy-year-old individual with a history of medical conditions including coronary disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, type 2 diabetes, recent placement of a cardiac stent, and recent coronary artery bypass graft.

And on or about January 13, 2020, the patient presented for a #10 root canal at the dentist’s clinic. The patient was premeditated with two tablets of 0.25 mg (total of 0.5 mg) prescription oral triazolam (Halcion) 1.5 hours prior to the scheduled appointment at 10:00 a.m. According to the dentist’s patient progress notes, upon arrival at the dentist’s clinic, the patient was asleep. The dentist and the patient’s husband escorted the patient from her vehicle to the clinic with the use of a wheelchair.

The dentist further noted that he was unable to transfer the patient to the dental chair from the wheelchair and that she was being monitored by staff. The dentist recorded three vital signs measurements without specific time.

The dentist is subject to disciplinary action in that the dentist engaged in unprofessional conduct and committed gross negligence in his care and treatment of the patient.

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