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Having a strong dedication to your job as a dentist is a good trait to have. By having such a trait, patients will feel safe about their oral health as this will imply that a dedicated dentist will surely offer a good dental service and the best care possible. But negligence along with incompetence could put your license and your reputation as a dentist into a difficult and troublesome situation. But if you are facing such accusations or complaints, you can contact a dental attorney for help.

On or about June 18, 2016, during a consultation at a dental studio in Austin, Texas, the dentist reviewed the patient’s CT scans and informed her that many of the existing implants were wrongly installed and were crooked. The patient was advised that the implants needed to be extracted along with all of her remaining upper teeth. A treatment plan of seventeen office visits with an estimated cost of $25,146 was presented to the patient, which she agreed to.

On or about October 31, 2016, three treatment options are noted as being discussed with the patient. The dentist’s records do not show the cost estimates for the different treatment plans, whether the costs were discussed or reviewed with the patient, and whether the options were either approved or declined by the patient.

The dentist’s chart notes from November 9, 2016, show that the patient selected the screw-retained maxillary arch implant-supported treatment plan. The dentist took a polyvinyl siloxane (PVS) silicone impression for diagnostic cast purposes with centric relation (CR) bite registration for wax-up the rendering of the planned dental treatment. The dentist’s records do not show that he performed a facebow or maxillary arch registration to the joint position, even though CR registrations automatically require maxillary cast orientation on an articulator instrument.

Those above-mentioned incidents where the patients had numerous visits and had failure treatments were grounds for gross negligence, repeated acts of negligence, and incompetence. The dentist is subject to disciplinary action in that he was incompetent in his treatment of the patient. Due to the information received which serves as the evidence. The dentist was subjected to disciplinary action by the Dental Board. The dentist was given the chance to have legal counsel but failed to hire a dental attorney for the case.

In facing any kind of case whether it is civil, or criminal, it is best to hire or consult a dental attorney. Having a reliable dental attorney around during a difficult time is such a great help and will be less trouble for you.

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