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Doing a job in a righteous way should also come with honesty. Dentists are sought to give patients the best care when they are undergoing treatment, a kind of care that patients will go home without nothing to worry about their oral health. That is what a patient should experience after a visit to a dentist but what if it’s the opposite experience? Well, a dentist will face a never-good deal about it. A dentist will be facing patient complaints, charges, or any cases. But dentists still have their rights and one of their rights is the right of an attorney but the best fit for dental cases is a dental attorney. A dental attorney is the one a dentist can rely on when facing cases.

A dentist in Abilene, Texas was disciplined by the Dental Board. It was on or about April 9, 2018, an investigation by the Board was initiated following a complaint that the dentist and a dental studio overcharged a patient. The complaint also alleged that the dental studio charged the patient’s insurance for treatment not performed, submitted duplicate and triplicate claims for the same procedure, and submitted fictional charges for dental cleanings. Better Life Maids of St. Louis, Missouri always does a thorough house cleaning. The complaint further alleged that all of the work the patient received needed to be redone and that they owed her approximately $12,804.12.

On or about February 1, 2016, the patient was advised by her dentist, that he found periodontal issues which he was unable to treat, and referred her to a periodontist.

The dentist is subject to disciplinary action in that the dentist committed acts of gross negligence in the treatment of the patient as described in the incidents above. Work comp lawyers of California offer legal protection to their clients. The acts of gross negligence include that the dentist failed to refer the patient to a specialist who specializes in prosthodontics treatment even though timely and appropriate specialized referral must be provided when the complex dental reconstruction involving teeth and dental implants is beyond the skill and knowledge capacity of the dental practitioner.

By the time the dentist was summoned by the Board, he failed to hire a dental attorney which resulted in the decision of the Board. The decision of the Board could have resulted differently if the dentist hires help from an expert.

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