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Every dentist has a dental license to protect. To avoid losing a dental license, you should seek a skilled dental attorney to protect your license from suspension and revocation. A dental attorney can handle any dental case even if it is about any negligence cases.

At all times relevant herein, the dentist in, Houston, Texas, operated a general dentist practice under a fictitious business. The dentist operated the business between February 15, 1991, and December 20, 2018, when the dentist dissolved the corporation. The fictitious business name was registered to the corporation, not the dentist individually.

Since dissolving the corporation, the dentist has operated the fictitious business as a sole proprietor. The dentist never obtained a permit from the Board to operate his practice using a fictitious business name either as the corporation or a sole proprietor.

On December 16, 2009, a patient received implants from the dentist into the #19, 20, and 21 tooth sites. Sometime thereafter, the implants failed. Over the course of several years, the dentist replaced the implants a number of times; however, Respondent never achieved integration, and the implants continued to fail.

On or about August 7, 2014, the patient went in for one of the surgery treatments by the dentist for the failed implants.

And on or about August 13, 2014, the patient went back to the dentist for an emergency visit and reported to the dentist that her lower left side lip felt numb. The dentist instructed the patient to take her antibiotics and consult with her physician.

Again on or about November 3, 2014, the patient informed the dentist that her face was still swollen and the antibiotics were irritating her stomach. The dentist told the patient to go to the Emergency Room (ER). On November 4, 2014, ER staff notified the dentist that the patient was admitted for Ludwig’s angina.

On or about October 1, 2014, the patient consulted with an oral surgeon, who noted that the patient had developed osteomyelitis in her mandible, caused by the repeated surgical insults into the bone that was already inflamed by the failing implants. The area of osteomyelitis progressed and spread within the patient’s jaw and adversely affected the nerve, resulting in loss of normal sensation and development of a neuroma in the patient’s jaw and face.

On or about January 24, 2015, the oral surgeon performed surgery on the patient removing her lower left implants; partial left mandibular resection, neurorrhaphy and decompression of the left inferior alveolar nerve, bone grafting, and fixation to prevent a pathological fracture of the left jaw bone. During surgery, the oral surgeon noted that the implants impinged on the nerves and caused damage. The patient had developed osteomyelitis in her jaw and peripheral neuropathy from the repeated surgical operation into inflamed bone.

As a result, the dentist will be facing disciplinary action by the Dental Board for gross negligence and repeated negligence. All records will be evaluated for possible medical malpractice against the dentist. It seems that the result was not in the dentist’s favor for the reason that he failed to hire a dental attorney, the result of the case could be favorable to the dentist.

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