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Having a strong dedication to your job as a dentist is a good trait to have. By having such a trait, patients will feel safe about their oral health as this will imply that a dedicated dentist will surely offer a good dental service and the best care possible. But if a dentist is neglected to give proper care in any way, that dentist is being incompetent. Negligence along with incompetence could put your license and your reputation as a dentist into a difficult and troublesome situation. But if you are facing such accusations or complaints, you can contact a dental attorney for help.

On or about September 5, 2019, in a criminal matter, the dentist in Conroe, Texas pled no contest to one misdemeanor count of Cruelty to Child by Endangering Health.

The circumstances surrounding the conviction are that on or about September 5, 2019, the dentist was performing a dental procedure on an eight-year-old child, the dentist forced a suction tube down the child’s throat, causing injury to the child. The dentist placed the child in a situation dangerous to the child’s health and willfully caused injury to the child. An office staff member assisting the dentist during this procedure was observed to become frustrated when the child would not stop moving his tongue. The dental assistant observed the dentist jam the suction tube down the child’s throat multiple times, causing the child to choke and gag, and begin bleeding. The child immediately began to cry after the dentist forced the suction tube down his throat. The dentist was told “That’s enough. The procedure is over.” The dental assistant assisted the child out of the chair and escorted the child to his father in the waiting room.

The dentist followed the assistant into the lobby and told the father that he could no longer treat the child and that the child should be taken to a pediatric dentist that could sedate the child during any procedure. The father reported that the dentist appeared to be extremely irritated and distraught when he spoke to him in the lobby and that the dentist then left the building and went to his vehicle to leave the office.

The dentist is subject to disciplinary action by the Dental Board in that the dentist was convicted of a crime that is substantially related to the duties, functions, or qualifications of a dentist. The dentist committed acts of unprofessional conduct when he was charged for Cruelty to Child by Endangering Health. The dentist had violated the Dental Practice Act when he committed the acts.

In facing any kind of case whether it is civil, or criminal, it is best to hire or consult a dental attorney. Having a dental attorney around during a difficult time is such a great help and will be less trouble for you.

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