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Facing the consequences of your actions alone is never easy especially if you are not knowledgeable on how to deal with any complaints and accusation cases. On the matter of complaints and charges filed against you, always be prepared and be wise to have a dental attorney for the defense.

In or about 2016 through 2018, the dentist in Georgetown, Texas treated a dental patient, including placing dental implants and, after those implants failed, placing a fixed dental bridge.

The dentist’s treatment of the patient fell below the standard of care as follows:

  • The dentist placed mini blade dental implants but failed to explain to the patient the potential risks, benefits, and limitations associated with those types of dental implants and document that discussion and the patient’s consent to the potential risks of mini blade dental implants.
  • The fixed dental bridge that the dentist placed was attached to natural teeth as well as a dental implant, but the dentist failed to explain to the patient the potential risks and document that discussion and the patient’s consent to the potential risks of this procedure.
  • The fixed dental bridge, extending from teeth 27 through 31, that the dentist placed contained an open margin on tooth 31. The standard of care for this procedure is to exclude any open margins.

As a result, the dentist will be facing disciplinary action by the Dental Board. The dentist subjected his Dental License for gross negligence, repeated acts of negligence. Having a dental attorney when facing the Board will be a sigh of relief for the dentist, but unfortunately, he failed to do so.

In facing any kind of case whether it is civil, or criminal, it is best to hire or consult a dental attorney. Having a reliable dental attorney around during a difficult time is such a great help and will be less trouble for you.

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