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When you’re facing the loss of your dental license, securing the representation of an experienced and skilled dental attorney may be your first step to protect yourself from serious repercussions.

This is what a dentist in Austin should have done when faced with allegations regarding her dental practice.

During the time period from September 3, 2006, through September 20, 2006, the said dentist fell below the minimum standard of care in the dental treatment of her patient. Specifically, she fell below the minimum standard of care in the endodontic treatment of tooth# 4.

Subsequently, during the said period of time, the dentist again fell below the minimum standard of care by failing to make, maintain, and keep adequate dental records on patient her patient in that the record does not include: a treatment plan with recommendation and treatment options signed by the patient.

Complaints also reported that during the time period on or about February 1, 2009 through October 7, 2009, the dentist wrote forty-seven prescriptions with an expired Texas Controlled Substance Registration,

Additionally, on or about December 23, 2009, the dentist fell below the standard of care during the treatment of a minor patient in that she failed to perform adequate pulpotomies on primary teeth E and F. A subsequent treating dentist extracted both teeth.

The dentist was given the chance to defend her case. However, her lack of an experienced dental attorney to help her defend her case resulted in serious discipline and suspension from the Board. If you’re facing the same scenario as with the dentist, consulting with a dental attorney is your best chance of protection.

The assistance of a dental attorney could have helped the case become better for the dentist. So if you ever encounter such an issue, it’s best to contact Dental Attorney Yong J. An at (832) 428-5679 for a confidential consultation.