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If someone filed an accusation against you, it may compromise your career and a Texas dental attorney could provide you the best help. If you have any valid reasons, you may refer to a dental attorney to provide further defense against your case.

An instance of this happened to a dentist in Austin on or about May 15, 2012, through November 6, 2012, when she failed to meet the duty of fair dealing during the dental treatment of her patient. Specifically, she submitted a claim for crowns to the patient’s insurance company when veneers were actually provided.

During the time period from April 5, 2011, through November 15, 2012, the dentist fell below the minimum standard of care by failing to make, maintain, and keep adequate records for her patient. Specifically, the records did not include:

  1. vital signs, including but not limited to blood pressure and heart rate;
  2. treatment options;
  3. signed written informed consent; or
  4. any statement as to why items a. – c. are not recorded.


The dentist defends herself by stating that everything was just an allegation and that she did everything to give her patient the best treatment possible. However, with the lack of a dental attorney to help her defend her side, the dentist was disciplined and suspended by the Board.

This is the reason why every dentist who faced serious allegations should consult a dental attorney. Not doing so might put your license in danger by suspension or revocation.

The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners Enforcement Division is the state licensing board that disciplines a dentist based on any negligence found. During this investigative process, the dentist has the right to counsel. Therefore, it is essential to have experienced counsel when seeking to obtain defense and protect your license. Texas dental attorney Yong J. An will fight for your professional rights. To get started with a private consultation, you may contact him at (832) 428-5679.