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Facing any allegations may compromise your career and a Texas dental attorney could provide you the best help. If you have any valid reasons, you may refer to a dental attorney to provide further defense against your case.

An instance of this incident occurred on or about December 3, 2012, to a certain dentist in San Antonio.

The patient attended her regular check-ups and believed that the dentist was providing her with the best level of care. She felt she could trust his opinion on what treatment would be best for her oral health.

According to the patient, when the dentist suggested that one of her teeth should be extracted and replaced with an implant, she didn’t think anything of it and agreed to go ahead with the procedure. The tooth was extracted by the dentist and an implant was placed.

For a while, everything with the implant seemed fine, but it didn’t stay that way. The patient made an appointment to visit another dentist after the implant failed. The new dentist found that the implant was poorly positioned. It was also noted that the patient didn’t inform the patient that she had periodontitis. This meant that there would have been a high risk of implant failure. If the patient had been advised properly about the risks of implant failure then she wouldn’t have gone ahead with the procedure.

The new dentist told the patient that she would need periodontal treatment first and after that, a replacement implant would be fitted. Since being provided with the implant by her former dentist, the patient has suffered the avoidable loss of the implant and an avoidable bone grafting procedure. Due to the lack of care shown by her former dentist, she will now require a replacement implant.

The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners Enforcement Division is the state licensing board that disciplines a dentist based on any negligence found. During this investigative process, the dentist has the right to counsel. Therefore, it is essential to have experienced counsel when seeking to obtain defend and protect your license. Texas dental attorney Yong J. An will fight for your professional rights. To get started with a private consultation, you may contact him at (832) 428-5679.