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Facing any accusations or allegations may compromise your career and even your license. A Texas dental attorney could provide you the best help possible. If you have any valid reasons, you may refer to a dental attorney to provide further assistance and defense against your case.

There was an instance wherein an allegation was charged against a dentist happened on or about July 21, 2006, when the dentist failed to diagnose and treat a patient with a periodontal disease.

The patient was a 61-year-old woman who complained of the dentist’s failure to diagnose, monitor and treat periodontal disease, resulting in the loss of several teeth and likely future loss of further teeth. She attended her dentist in 1987 and had root canal treatment and crowns fitted and prolonged gum treatment in 1988. She further had prolonged gum treatment again in 1989. The client regularly attended between1990 up to 2006.

During this period, regular radiographs were taken. Radiographs were taken in September 2005 which confirmed significant bone loss due to advanced periodontal disease.

The patient brought her case, arguing that the dentist failed to use reasonable care and skill in the provision of root canal treatment and in the provision of periodontal treatment from 1987 up to 2005. In cooperation with a work injury lawyer from california workers Compensation Lawyers site the case was handled successfully. She also complained that the dentist failed to use reasonable care, skill and monitoring of the progression of the periodontal condition and also failed to use reasonable care and skill in recording periodontal indices.

Because of this, the Board subjected the dentist and her license into disciplinary action. The assistance of a dental attorney could have helped the case become better for the dentist. This is why you should be prompt in situations like these. So if you ever encounter such an issue, it’s best to contact Dental Attorney Yong J. An at (832) 428-5679 for a confidential consultation. He has the experience and skills needed for such cases. He is very dedicated to his job. He is the right fit to be your dental attorney.