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A dental license attorney can still assist during times where dentists may face problems regarding the incorrect use of medicine. However, some dentists are not aware of this as they are only aware that they will face sanctions once they commit such errors at work. This is what exactly happened to a dentist who was working at Houston, Texas.

The incident happened on July 10, 2012, when another dentist noticed the respondent dentist to be suffering from impaired performance when they conducted a surgery. They noticed that the dentist was talking in incomplete sentences pinpoint pupils and strange movements while at work. Additionally, they also noticed that a syringe of Sufenta was taken because there was a missing amount of it at the dental inventory.

What’s worse was that someone actually caught the respondent nurse when she took the syringes without administering it to the patient. Instead, the dentist took it for herself, while she ordered other dentists to provide further treatment to the patients. This is where the other dentists started to observe the respondent dentist on the next surgeries to come.

Upon their close observation to the drugs and the respondent dentist, they caught the dentist placing a saline solution to an unlabeled syringe. What’s worse was that they saw her peeling off the Sufenta label while placing it on the unlabeled syringe. The respondent dentist then placed the real Sufenta syringe to her work box.

The patient during the said surgery was injected by the unknown solution placed on the syringe that was labeled with Sufenta. Sufenta is a schedule II controlled substance, which is why the respondent dentist kept it for herself. This was enough evidence for the Texas Board of Dental Examiners to summon the respondent dentist for a hearing.

However, the dentist failed to attend the hearing due to a lack of dental license attorney, as stated on her written reason. Therefore, the Board decided to place her dental license to suspension due to wrongful use of controlled substances.

Controlled substances are very dangerous to use for personal benefit. However, if you have a valid reason why you kept it, then seek the help of a dental license attorney. Yong J. An is the best dental license attorney that you can hire regardless of any severity of issue you may be facing.

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