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There are instances where a dentist may have abandoned a patient due to personal reasons, and this is where a dental license attorney can be useful as well. Dental lawyers have the ability to provide a proper defense for the dentist if they have a good reason why they abandoned the patient in the first place. However, not all dentists fail to hire one.

An example of a dentist failing to hire a proper dental license attorney for the case happened during the time period from October to December 2002. The dentist actually abandoned the patient on a certain dental treatment by failing to keep appointments with her. Eventually, the dentist also closed her dental practice as well.

When the Texas Board of Dental Examiners received the complaint, the dentist failed to provide the patient’s medical records. Specifically, the dentist failed to create, keep and update the patient’s dental records. She failed to obtain the patient’s blood pressure and she also failed to file a written informed consent to the patient.

Additionally, it was discovered that the dentist’s license already expired on October 2002. The said incidents were enough for the Texas Board of Dental Examiners to revoke the license of the dentist, effectively disallowing her from obtaining a dental license. That’s why a dental license attorney could provide the right help that a dentist needs whenever they face cases which may revoke their license in the future.

Take note that the Texas Board of Dental Examiners has full jurisdiction over all kinds of accusations or complaints filed against you. They also have the rights to issue or remove your dental license when necessary, as they govern all professionals who are licensed to commit with full integrity over their duty as a dentist.

So if you received a complaint, it’s best to be fully prepared by hiring professional assistance. Gladly, Yong J. An is willing to help as he already assisted numerous dentists as a dental license attorney for over 14 years already. To seek his expert advice and confidential consultation, it’s best to contact him first at (832) 428-5679.