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One of the worst types of conduct that a dentist can do is dishonorable conduct, but it can still be protected by the right dental license attorney. That’s why you need to seek legal consultation at all times to ensure that you will never get your licensed suspended or revoked due to such actions.

Unfortunately, a certain dentist failed to hire a dental license attorney when she conducted a major error at the clinic on or about February 20, 2001, when she abandoned the patient during treatment. The patient advised her to perform a dental treatment on a damaged tooth.

Apparently, the dentist left her to concoct a mixture to apply on her damaged tooth. But after more than 15 minutes, the dentist seems to have never returned to the patient to perform further treatment. The patient waited for around 10 minutes more, but the dentist did not return at all.

The patient looked around the clinic to see if the dentist was there. But it seems that she was gone already. The patient thought that she was abandoned when undergoing treatment, which is why the patient left and decided to file a complaint at the Texas Board of Dental Examiners.

The Texas Board of Dental Examiners are the ones who provide sentenced over dental license cases, depending on the severity of the error. This is where a dental license attorney can provide the best assistance if the dentist has a good explanation on his/her side.

However, the dentist failed to show up for the hearing against the case filed against her. Additionally, she also failed to submit the required records to the Board when she was instructed to hand it out for further investigation. As a result, the Board decided to revoke her license due to her dishonorable conduct before the patient and the Board.

If you ever did a mistake at work, never doubt to hire a dental license attorney when needed. One of the finest dental license attorneys in the state of Texas is Yong J. An, which has helped numerous dentists on their cases for over 14 years. To seek legal consultation with him, please dial (832) 428-5679 to proceed.