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There are times where a dental license attorney can be the best assistance needed when facing severe errors that may revoke your dental license. Take note that the Texas Board of Dental Examiners is the ones who govern all cases that may affect a dental license from certain errors at work.

However, not all dentists were able to hire a dental license attorney which is why some dental licenses receive revocation. This is what happened to a certain dentist when she failed to perform her duties correctly on or about May 25, 2005. The said action of her misconduct has subjected her license to immediate revocation.

The incident happened when the dentist examined a patient and advised to get a wisdom tooth removed. By the following month of June, the dentist removed the patient’s wisdom tooth. However, a few days later, the patient started to suffer from extreme pain.

The patient tried to contact the dentist, but she did not prescribe the patient with any prescription medicine or provide further assistance at the clinic. The patient called after 2 days to complain about the worsening situation, which is why the dentist prescribed antibiotics instead. However, it was too late as the patient was hospitalized for treatment with a massive infection at the site of wisdom tooth extraction, which required a major surgery.

Another major error occurred when the dentist worked for another patient’s dentures at June 12, 2007. However, the dentures were too large, which pops out of the patient’s mouth. The dentist advised that the dentures are not serviceable and fabrication of maxillary and mandible dentures were required for the patient.

The resulting action caused the patient to file a complaint against the dentist, which viewed the two errors as they investigated the dentist’s records. The following actions caused the Texas Board of Dental Examiners to place the dental license to revocation.

Failure to hire a dental license attorney for assistance can give dentists a higher risk of revocation when they face a complaint. For further legal assistance regarding a case, you might have, contact dental license attorney Yong J. An 24/7 by dialing (832) 428-5679.