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Committing errors at work can be assisted by the right dental license attorney, especially if you manage to hire a well-versed dental license attorney for the case. Gladly, there are a lot of approachable dentists nowadays who can provide a better result for the cases you’re in. Take note that even revocation cases can be fully assisted by the right dental license attorney.

One such case of a dentist who failed to hire one occurred on or about April 1, 2013, through August 25, 2013, when she fell below the minimum standard of care by failing to create a consistent dental record on a patient. One of the main errors of this case was when she was not able to record the pulse and blood pressure record of the patient. She also failed to explain why he said signs were not reported.

Additionally, she also faced a serious case on or about May 24, 2014, to September 16, 2014, when she failed to perform multiple tooth extractions while preparing denture placement for a patient. The radiographic examination showed that retained roots were found at tooth numbers 3, 4, 12, 13, 14,15, and 18.

What’s worse was that there are no records of the patient is informed of the situation, while radiographic records show that the surgery site was not properly prepared for denture placement. Both errors could place serious injury to the patient, as well as inaccurate care to the patient in the future due to inconsistent records.

The Texas Board of Dental Examiners are the ones deciding the verdict of dentists depending on the severity of the case. Due to the severity of the errors, the dental license was revoked. One of the main factors why the dentist got her dental license revoked was due to a lack of dental license attorney for assistance against the case.

Are you facing the same case, or were you summoned by the Board for a hearing against a complaint? Make sure to contact dental license attorney Yong J. An by contacting him at (832) 428-5679.