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An immediate revocation of dental license happened to a dentist based in Texas due to her unprofessional acts. Remember that dentists have committed professionals who handle one of the most serious matters of all time: the health of a person. Thus, they are obliged to perform professionally to secure their career, and to gain the trust of patients who would approach them.

An incident of unprofessional behavior happened on or about September 22, 2014, to December 4, 2014, when the dentist committed misconduct when dealing with two patients. Specifically, the dentist received a payment for the first patient when she provided crown treatment for tooth number 2. However, she failed to complete the treatment needed while promising the patient that she will do so.

Another incident of unprofessional behavior happened on or between the said dates when she received payment from the second patient. She worked on the upper and lower dentures of the patient. Unfortunately, she failed to deliver even if the patient demanded repeatedly for the treatment to be done completely.

The following actions could have placed the patients into further injury and severe adverse effects on their dental health condition. The Texas Board of Dental Examiners received the complaint, summoning the dentist for a hearing against her case. The dentist still waived her right to be represented by a counsel, but she was advised to personally defend herself.

Representing a dental license attorney could be wrong if the treatment has done had a strong evidence, which is why the dentist should personally provide the defense. The case could have been assisted instead by a dental license attorney through the means of legal consultation instead. Therefore, the Board decided to place the dentist’s license into suspension.

If you think that the Texas Board of Dental Examiners cannot allow the dentist to waive their right to be represented, it’s best to seek a private consultation instead. Dental License Attorney Yong J. An is always ready to assist you for your concerns. All you have to do is to dial him at (832) 428-5679 for further assistance.