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A dental license was sentenced for revocation due to severe misconduct during a dentist’s shift at the clinic. It’s important to observe your behavior even if there are certain scenarios that you cannot control with your best efforts. This is what happened to a Texas-based dentist as she faced revocation of her license due to severe misconduct.

There were actually two incidents of the issue, wherein the first one happened on or about December 31, 2014. The dentist engaged in dishonorable conduct during the dental treatment of two patients. It’s because the dentist closed her dental practice due to eviction, but was not able to inform her patients about the problem.

Additionally, the records were left behind at the clinic, causing the property management company to possess the records instead. The property management company was able to present the records as evidence to the Texas Board of Dental Examiners when the patients filed a complaint against the dentist.

The other incident occurred on or about September 22, 2014, to December 4, 2014, when the dentist engaged in dishonorable conduct when she treated two patients. The dentist received payment for the first patient’s crown treatment of tooth number 2. However, she failed to complete yet received payment for the second patient when she treated the upper and lower dentures that the dentist failed to provide to the patient.

The result of her actions could lead to a serious violation. Additionally, her lack of hiring a good dental license attorney caused the Board to revoke her license instead. The dentist should have contacted a proper dental license attorney for the case, as revocation for such an error is considered as the maximum punishment available from the Board.

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