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Your dental license could undergo disciplinary action once you fail to provide the right medication or dosage to a patient. However, if you have a good reason when you undergo a defense, the sentence laid on you could be reduced. Unfortunately, this dentist from Texas wasn’t able to provide a good defense as she lacked the assistance of a dental license attorney.

The incident happened on or about July 8, 2013, when she prescribed Phentermine Hydrochloride and Zolpidem Tartrate to two patients for non-dental purposes. The same incident happened on November 11, 2013, when the dentist used her partner dentist’s DEA number to prescribe Phentermine Hydrochloride and Zolpidem Tartrate for herself this time.

The following actions could have caused adverse effects or wrong treatment to the patient. Additionally, the wrongful use of a DEA number for self-prescription of medicine is not legally allowed. Take note that Phentermine Hydrochloride and Zolpidem Tartrate are also Schedule IV Controlled Substances, and may cause negative side effects that may impair those who used it wrongfully.

The said incidents were observed by the Texas Board of Dental Examiners. Thus, they summoned the dentist for a hearing regarding the case. However, the dentist was not able to provide a good defense against her case. As a result, the Board sentenced her dental license into disciplinary actions.

The dentist said that she will conduct a self-audit of her prescribing activity for every quarter of the two years allotted to her by the Board. The rest of the requirements of the disciplinary proceedings are also meant to provide a better performance in her career for the future times to come. She would have gotten a better result if she was able to hire a dental license attorney for further assistance.

If you’re also experiencing a case wherein you wrongfully prescribed medication to a patient or to yourself, it’s best to contact an experienced dental license attorney. Mr. Yong J. An, an experienced dental license attorney for more than 14 years, can potentially help you with your case. To do so, you may schedule a private consultation with him by dialing (832) 428-5679.