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Failure to provide a fair dealing and honorable conduct over a patient may affect your dental license. It is strongly advised that dentists should always provide the right procedures because one’s dental health is a serious matter. Thus, every step needed to be performed by a dentist should be correct.

If any misconduct was committed, the Texas Board of Dental Examiners may subject the dental license into suspension, disciplinary action or revocation. The Texas Board of Dental Examiners are the ones who are handling all complaints filed against dentists who performed poorly during their work at the clinic.

An instance of this type of incident occurred on or about June 7, 2013, when the dentist overcharged for the services she provided. The dentist charged the patient for surgical extractions of teeth numbers 5, 6, 7, 11 and 13 although the said teeth were not surgically extracted out of the patient. Thus, the dentist failed to provide fair dealings with the patient, as well as engaged in dishonorable conduct within the premises of the dental clinic.

The complaint was filed to the Texas Board of Dental Examiners as the issue could affect the overall reputation of the clinic where the dentist was working. The dentist was advised to attend a hearing regarding the matter, and she actually admitted her fault for providing such a high price for non-surgical teeth extraction.

Therefore, the Texas Board of Dental Examiners placed the dentist’s dental license into disciplinary proceedings to ensure that such incidents will never happen again. The disciplinary proceedings provided to a dentist depends on the violation that the dentist has committed. The best choice for the dentist was to hire a dental license attorney for further assistance.

So if you’re undergoing such cases, be sure to seek case evaluation and legal consultation immediately. Mr. Yong J. An is an experienced dental license attorney who has assisted several dentists for over 14 years already.; To seek his professional assistance, be sure to dial him at (832) 428-5679 to schedule a private consultation.