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A warning for disciplinary action on your dental license may give you a bit of fear, especially if you really want to keep your career as a dentist. But this fear can be turned into an opportunity to perform better in the future. This is what exactly happened to a dentist in Texas due to failure to process the right care for the patient.

During March 16, 2015, to March 19, 2015, the dentist was not able to meet the minimum standard required for proper dental care. When she was able to successfully treat the patient, she failed to do two more things.

The first error was her failure to contact or provide a follow-up check-up with a patient regarding the condition of the patient’s ulcerated lesion. The second error was when the dentist failed to document the ulcerated lesion as a potential screening result for oral cancer.

The following violations were observed by the Texas Board of Dental Examiners. The dentist was able to provide a defense on her behalf when she was summoned for a hearing. She stated that she was handling a tight schedule at a time, causing her to forget the follow-up treatment for her patient.

The dentist was able to admit her fault during the hearing. She stated that she was able to contact the patient in the future, and was told that the patient’s condition was actually fine. Thus, there was no need to do a follow-up check-up, according to the dentist.

The Texas Board of Dental Examiners are the ones who have full jurisdiction over all dental license cases that may suspend, discipline or revoke the dental license, hence the career of a dentist. These are situations where it’s best to hire a dental license attorney for further assistance.

If you’re willing to face the errors of your actions once the Texas Board of Dental Examiners summonses you for a hearing, it’s best to get a legal consultation with an experienced dental license attorney. Mr. Yong J. An is an experienced professional in the field as he was able to help numerous dentists since 2006.

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