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The dental license holder is to comply with all the laws promulgated by the legislative department of the government. Take note that your dental license can be taken away from you for failure to comply with certain state laws. As a matter of fact, the Texas State Board of Dental Examiner (TSBDE) can even revoke the professional license with finality. When this happens, you will lose your privilege to practice dentistry in the country.

An illustration of this is a case involving a dentist named Maggie whose dental license was revoked by the TSBDE based on this complaint:

On or about November 22, 2013, a dental license holder, a dentist fell below the minimum standard of care during the dental treatment of minor patient G.H. Specifically, Respondent failed to utilize an adequate isolation technique to protect the patient’s oropharynx and airway during restorative treatment; as a result, the minor patient swallowed a dental bur.

During the time period from May 29, 2014, through September 2, 2014, Dentist fell below the minimum standard of care during the treatment of the patient. Specifically, Dentist did not obtain a medical clearance before performing extractions despite previously noting that. the patient required clearance before the procedure due to his medical condition and failed to provide the patient with post-operative instructions.

The Texas State Board of Dental Examiner (TSBDE) declared the misconduct of a dental license holder as acts unbecoming of a professional dentist. The Board eventually ordered the revocation of her license. As such, Maggie was prohibited to continue the practice of her profession.

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