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There are many options available on your part when it comes to establishing your career in the dental profession. You can build a dental clinic on your own or incorporate with other dentists and dental hygienists. The choice really depends on your goals and objectives. At the same time, it also has something to do with the amount of money that you are willing to invest. If you lack funds, then the best thing to do is find other professionals who are interested to pool in resources to create one dental office.

What Is A Pre-Incorporation Agreement?

This refers to a contract that is drafted by a reliable business attorney. The person who must prepare the document must be knowledgeable about all the laws applicable to the practice of the dental profession. In this contract, the rights and obligations of the parties in the creation of the corporation. At the same time, it also contains the possible liabilities of each incorporator in case anyone of them commits a violation of the agreement.

What Must Be Included In The Contract?

The most important information that a pre-incorporation agreement must contain is the list of names of all the shareholders. The correct and true identity of these individuals must appear on the agreement. Aside from this, the name of the corporation must also be indicated as well as the purpose why it was created. Moreover, the list of the initial Board of Directors and officers of the entity must be written on the agreement. The purpose for this is to let the public know about who, why and what makes up dental corporation.

Why You Need An Attorney?

There are many technicalities in the drafting of the pre-incorporation agreement, which is why a lawyer must assist from the beginning. The attorney can help a lot in making sure that nothing goes wrong during the incorporation process. Protect your rights today by getting in touch with a reliable dental attorney. Failure to do this can jeopardize your career.

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