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Many people aspire to become a professional dentist. Most of these individuals strive hard so that they would soon obtain a dental license in the future. This only shows that the dental profession is one of the most sought-after careers in the state of Texas. Because of the influx of the people wanting to engaged in the practice of dentistry, the state of Texas started to implement rules and regulations to govern the practice of every dentist.

Unfortunately, many professional dentists violate the statutes and special laws promulgated by the state of Texas. This is the reason why a lot of complaints and cases are filed before the Texas State Board of Dental Examiner (TSBDE). An example of this is a case filed against a dentist named Blair. A notice of the complaint was sent to her clinic in Texas. It contained the following information:

On or about December 30, 2007, the dentist fell below the minimum standard of care in the dental treatment of a patient. Specifically, Blair failed to properly perform root canal therapy on tooth number 30.

During the time period beginning on or about December 10, 2007 through February 9, 2009, the same dentist again fell below the minimum standard of care by failing to make, maintain, and keep adequate dental records on two patients.

Specifically, the record does not include; adequate progress notes, a written informed consent, a treatment plan with option or sufficient diagnostic records for treatment.

The dentist in this case did not hire the services of any lawyer. As a result, the Texas State Board of Dental Examiner (TSBDE) eventually ordered the revocation of her license. Avoid from making the same mistake in the future. The Board stated that Section 263.004 of the relevant law requires its members to temporarily suspend a person’s license or permit if it determines that the continued practices of dentistry by the person would constitute a clear, imminent, or continuing harm on another person’s physical health or well-being.

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