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Every professional with a dental license is expected to comply with the laws and regulations imposed by the state of Texas. Any violation can have an adverse effect on his license. Even if the violation does not relate to the nature of the work of a dentist, he can still be subjected to the disciplinary proceedings before the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE).

One of the most common offenses of a Texas dentist is the unlawful possession and use of prohibited substances. This offense is considered as a class B misdemeanor that is under the jurisdiction of the criminal courts. Any offender may be held criminally liable after finding proof of guilt beyond reasonable doubt.

In the case of a dental hygienist named Alfred, he was involved in a charge for several violations of the state laws. The administrative complaint was filed before the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners (TSBDE). At the same time, a criminal complaint was also instituted before the regular court. This was the allegation against the dental hygienist:

During the time period from April 19, 2016, through April 22, 2016, the dentist engaged in unprofessional conduct. Specifically, he allowed his office manager to take and complete online continuing education courses that he was supposed to take and complete.

On or about July 13, 2016, the dental practitioner engaged in dishonourable conduct, by engaging in the unalwful use and possession of prohibited substances.

According to the complaints, the acts of the dental hygienist were very unbecoming of a professional engaged in the practice of dentistry. His conduct was deceptive to the Board of Dental State Examiners. He is supposed to comply with the Texas Administrative Code all through out the period of his engagement in the dental profession. Unfortunately, he kept on violating the statutes. For this reason, the TSBDE ordered for the revocation of his license with finality.

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